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Mechanical Vacuum Boosters with Bypass Valve

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 Mechanical Vacuum Boosters with Bypass Valve
KMBD 400 BP   KMBD 720 BP   KMBD 1600C BP
Kinney vacuum boosters can be coupled with rotary piston, liquid ring and
rotary vane pumps to provide very high pumping speeds. Since the booster’s
capability is significant below 1 Torr, it also expands system capability down
into the lower pressure regions. For example, liquid ring systems with Kinney
boosters can achieve end pressures down in the fraction of a Torr range.
Kinney vacuum boosters are automatically protected by an overload bypass
valve which adjusts to gas load conditions. When the pressure difference
gets to 75 Torr, the bypass valve opens and prevents it from getting any
higher. The pressure difference determines the load on the motor which is
consequently also limited. As soon as the vacuum system is pumped down to
where the pressure difference is less than 75 Torr, gravity closes the valve
and the booster resumes normal operation. The booster does not slow down
and recovery is instantaneous. The bypass valve eliminates the needs for temperature or pressure
switches. An on-line switch is all that is required, and a wide variety of backing pumps may be used. 
· Automatic overload protection
· Easy Installation
· Low horsepower – low heat load
· Operates at all pressures. Typical minimum
operating pressure is 1 Torr
· Compatible with all makes of vacuum
· Rugged, proven design
· Pump-down times greatly reduced

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